Friday, August 13, 2010

An Atheist runs for Congress in Virginia

The former president of American Atheists has sent around a bulletin of potential interest to many in the freethinking world. There is a Congressional race in Virginia which seems to be between an Atheist Democrat and a Christian Republican. Ellen Johnson writes:
We need your help to elect Dr. Wynne LeGrow to Congress.  Dr. LeGrow is the Democratic candidate for the 4th district in Virginia and he is an Atheist.  He is also a veteran and a physician.
His opponent is Republican Randy Forbes, who founded and chairs the Congressional Prayer Caucus [!!! - ZB]. Forbes has introduced such resolutions as H. R. 397 "America’s Spiritual Heritage Week" and H. R. 274 reaffirming the phrase "In God We Trust" in all public buildings and institutions.
We cannot sit back and allow Randy Forbes to be reelected in November. It's time to get serious about  electing Atheists to Congress. Dr.LeGrow is a candidate we can be proud of. Our goal is $10,000 to begin purchasing advertising and mailings for Dr. LeGrow.

We need to start this campaign now. We cannot allow this opportunity to pass. Please send your donation today so we can get to work to elect Dr. LeGrow to Congress.

And please ask your friends to visit and sign up for our e-mail alerts.

Please note that I am publicizing this message because of its news content, and not because I know anything about either candidate or seek members of the Boston Atheists or other groups to support one candidate over the other.