Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A new site: Apex Naturalism

Will Davidson -- a name you will have seen on the BA mailing list -- write to share news of the new online magazine he is publishing. The contents of Apex Naturalism will differ from other Atheist websites in a couple of ways, he writes:
First, there will be new content every day in the form of articles, essays and videos. It is an interactive site in that people who register will be able to comment on any of the content. Second, This will be a multi-dimensional site. In addition to articles about atheism, there will also be content about Science, new technologies, Nature and politics. I recognize that atheists have broader interests than just the atheist movement. I believe this online magazine can be a forum by which we can explore all the different forms of non-belief from traditional Atheism to Religious Naturalism as well as providing a vehicle for the education and support of reality-based initiatives worldwide.
Will welcomes suggestions for content, and invites anyone interested in becoming a contributor to contact him via email: will [at] apexnaturalism [dot][org].

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Anonymous said...

You can talk about superstitions of scientists in India which is really frustrating, but I hope you do not do pujas at home because most of the time the critics themselves do all kinds of puja and perform superstitions at home, go to attend pujas every year etc. etc. I hate the critics like chokhe angul dada (character by Pramathonath Bishi) .