Monday, January 26, 2009

He studied Islam and became an Atheist

BA member Gene Gorter recommends an essay by Douglas Murray, who says he stopped being an Anglican after studying Muslim texts and deciding that no religious text can be called infalliable. An excerpt from the essay in the Spectator:
"Many people hold on to belief as an unquestioned part of their make-up. They never have to confront the source of their belief, and as long as nothing actively pushes them into addressing it, they keep it as something which rarely does much harm and might actually do some good. I have been an Anglican since birth — and not just a cultural Anglican but at times (rarest of things) a real, worshipping, believing Anglican. Like a lot of believers, I knew that there were parts of my belief that wouldn’t stand up to analysis. But that was fine. I didn’t need to analyse them. I only lost faith when I was forced to."