Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Favorite Heathen is at it Again!

Christopher Hitchen's book God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything is now available on paperback and so Hitchen's seems to be making the rounds on various shows. He was recently on Real Time with Bill Maher and Hardball with Chris Matthews.

I did however want to point out a couple of appearances in which we see Hitchens in his wonderfully scathing glory. First, Hitchen's was in a 2 hour debate with 4 theists in which the topic was: Does the God of Christianity exist, and what difference does it make? The moderator can hardly be called as such since he was clearly biased and interjected his own apologetics. Despite facing off FIVE theists, Hitchen's managed to come out swinging and never let up, however I would definitely say that whichever side you are on in this debate you would not be swayed one way or another. While Hitchen's is a master of turning points around on the person trying to make them, he does fail to fully rebutt certain points made by the Christians. Mostly this had to do with proving certain points about first cause and the historicity of Jesus. However, that simply is not Hitchen's style. His preference is to debate Christianity on merits and not try and disprove the God hypethesis as Victor Stenger has done. Despite this and completely unbalanced panel it's worth it to listen to what Hitchen's does best.

Next, Hitchens was invited to a radio show where he is supposed to play a game of "What if" in which a fundie tries to trap Hitchen's into admitting that Jesus is his savior. Hitchen's, of course, does not fall into the trap and deftly eludes the bait. Todd Friel can't seem to handle it and often reminds Hitchen's that "it's just a game", a fact which Hitchen's does not forget. Definitely fun to listen to and not as long as the debate above.