Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why Does the Church Hate Rape Victims?

I was looking around on and saw in the top 10 stories column an article mentioning that an abortion doctor was lauded...lauded? When do you ever see lauded and abortion doctor in the same sentence? Of course this article was about the doctor who performed the abortion for a 9 year old girl in Brazil. The girl was raped and pregnant with twins and because of her age unable to bring the twins to term without dying and the twins dying as well. This was the pinnacle of worst case scenarios you could ever possibly have regarding the abortion issue, and how does the Catholic Church react? They Excommunicated those involved with the abortion. Was the stepfather, who committed this heinous act against a 9 year old excommunicated? No. The Archbishop Sobrinho stated, "The law of God is higher than any human."

So let's be clear, the Catholic Church in all it's wisdom excommunicated the people involved in an abortion that I think most sane people can agree was absolutely necessary regardless of moral inclinations. Not only do they cause more anguish for the family and people involved, they have caused a private matter to become world news. Essentially they made a horrible situation absolutely worse. This also coming from a church that has been riddled with sex abuse scandals for quite some time now. The depths that this church can sink seem to be completely bottomless.

Oh, and by the way, they want your money too.