Wednesday, May 27, 2009

French court to try Scientology

What? Les juges fran├žais have signed up for E-meter therapy and purification packs? No, no -- pardon the titular grammatical ambiguity. What I mean is that the Church of Scientology is to be tried in a French court for “organised fraud” -- in this case, the alleged fraud being that senior Church members illegally prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Even if auditing didn't rid her of those pesky thetans, treatment in this case had the profound benefit of elevating the plaintiff's mental functioning so she was able to detect... malarky and shenanigans! Despite being squeezed out of 20,000 euros (S28,000) for lessons, books, drugs, and an engram-detecting E-meter, the female victim in the case finally came to her senses -- thanks for the help, Hubbard! -- and went to the state for assistance.

My blogger hat goes off to Jean-Christophe Hullin, the investigating magistrate in the fraud case, who for years has been making life unpleasant for French Scientologists. Interestingly, at the end of the Yahoo article I link to above, I read that the US State Department has apparently been giving the French heat for harassing Scientology. On whose say-so, and according to what policy, are our State Department personnel being motivated to mollycoddle poppycock? Maybe they can be given a good dose of auditing -- with all the attendant costs and null effect -- in hopes of obtaining the same positive outcome as our French plaintiff: total rejection of a fatuous belief system. Let us be wary of remission!

Read what other judges have to say about Scientology at

Thank goodness for L. Ron's crazy cult: it gives Atheists and Christians something to agree on:

NB: This cartoon was originally about OS wars, a topic I know is close to many hearts in the Boston Atheists community.