Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Atheists -- from Boston & elsewhere -- raise money for support fund

Over 150 people were injured and 3 died in yesterday's tragic act of violence. The secular community, like all segments of society, has expressed its wish to help; the team at We Are Atheism has set up a fund under their Atheists Giving Aid program, to help us do just that.

Atheists Giving Aid exists to respond in tragedies like this and provide a resource for non-believers (and others) to give money that will make it to the victims and their families without passing through religious affiliated organizations. You can safely donate knowing that no religious condition or message will be associated with your act of charity.

Atheists Giving Aid raised over $25,000 from secular donors for the victims of the Sandy Hook Massacre, in Newtown, CT; this time, monies will be disbursed to parties who were affected  by the violence in Boston.

Americans are resilient. We'll be okay. But, bills still have to be paid. This is where you come it. Give what you can. Share this page: http://www.weareatheism.com/donate/atheists-giving-aid-boston-marathon-tragedy. Let people know there is a way they can give.

The organizers of We Are Atheism are actively pursuing their 501(c)3 status so your donations ARE tax deductible. Help those affected by this while also showing that atheists care as much or more than any religious group out there. We don't give money to churches every week, so let's dig deep in your pockets for this cause.

To donate, visit the support fund page at WeAreAtheism.com.

As of the time of this posting, the current fund total is over $8,500, of which more than $500 came directly from Boston Atheists members (including Howard S., Bill S., Maria G., Andre B., Turner H., Nick G., Jenni K., Jim B., and others...).

The Boston Atheists are the local contact for this We Are Atheism campaign; the campaign is also being sponsored by the Secular Coalition for Massachusetts and the Humanist Community at Harvard.