Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Local interfaith efforts profiled in HuffPo

From an article by Jaweed Kaleem, profiling a few of the ways Boston's ethical communities are responding variously to the Monday attack, with prayer vigils, special services, fundraising, and so on: B
In Boston, home to some of the nation's oldest churches and one where a stroll on any given street block often includes passing historic Protestant congregations, churches have also reported opening for shelter to house displaced residents or out-of-towners visiting for the marathon, as well announced plans to offer counseling. The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center has said it has relief volunteers and counselors available, while Temple Israel of Boston, a Jewish congregation, will also open Tuesday for a prayer vigil. 
The Boston Atheists and the Secular Coalition for Massachusetts have also voiced their support for victims, saying that although "prayer isn’t for us an option," differences in religious beliefs "pale in comparison to what brings us all together as members of the community."