Friday, April 19, 2013

Mike Sullivan: Bombing attack a "horrific, cowardly and godless" act

Former United States Attorney Michael Sullivan, a current Republican candidate for US Senate from Massachusetts, told on Tuesday that the Boston bombing was a "horrific, cowardly and godless" act. Thank you to Hemant Mehta for alerting us to the story.

A Secular Coalition for Massachusetts representative spoke with staff in Sullivan's campaign office earlier today, and explained that we'd like to think the candidate failed to realize how his words deepened the hurt of those of us who actually are godless as well as patriotic, ethical, and hurting.

We asked if someone could get back in touch with us by close of business, and emphasized that we're eager to give the candidate the benefit of the doubt. This is hopefully a careless injury, rather than an expression of prejudice, and if that's so it can be remedied with good will, an educational conversation, and a heartfelt apology.

Staffer Bill Rivers told us that the campaign is shut down in light of the today's police activity, and that he doesn't know how long it would take for "a decision" to be made or for that decision to be communicated to us. We'll keep you posted.

How do YOU feel about this comment, and the attitudes it reflects? Let Mike Sullivan know, on Twitter: @MikeSullivanMA. Tag @BostonAtheists and @SecularMass so everyone in our community can join the conversation and lend their perspective.

This is what we tweeted from the Boston Atheists account:
@MikeSullivanMA, we're concerned you don't know how your comment about Monday's 'horrific, cowardly and godless' attack deepens our hurt.
The Secular Coalition for Massachusetts is also alert to the situation:
@MikeSullivanMA Please don't associate nontheism with terrorism. The godless people of MA are hurt and grieving too.