Monday, June 18, 2012

Why I Am An Atheist #10: Janet

Boston Atheists member Janet writes:

After twelve years of Catholic grammar school and four years of Catholic high school, not to mention a mother who was a converted Catholic which is just about as bad as being a born again Christian, I pretty much had enough of the religious scene.However, when I was diagnosed with the last stages of multiple myeloma and failed kidneys too boot, I started praying and reading the bible, but by then I knew nothing was going to save me. I took a leap of faith, but this time in myself, and decided I was going to treat my cancer the same way I had my businesses... that put me on the road to do whatever it took to get the job of saving my own life to me. It worked, I found a research team and they had a solution. Thus my experimental operation at the MGH which saved my life. But that still wasn’t exactly my “ahh..ha” moment to becoming an atheist. After I got back on my feet and instead of starting another business I went back to school and took courses in Geology, Anthropology, Archeology, Greek Mythology, Art History, Ancient Architecture, and Religion and Myths. By the time I got through all those courses I had taken, I was a full-fledged atheist. Only this time it wasn’t just because of my disappointment in my catholic religion and god, but more from my new-found knowledge.


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