Monday, June 11, 2012

Why I Am An Atheist #5: Angie

Boston Atheists member Angie writes:

As a kid my family never discussed religion one way or the other.

I was puppy-dog in love and married at 23, my new husband decided to be ‘born again’ guy, I diligently read the bible every day to be a good little wife-y. The things I read brought me to tears, how could this be any god of mine??

The marriage broke up, I was a free woman at 26, dabbled in Wicca as a stepping stone. Then soon realized that even though a kinder and less misogynistic religion, I was still putting on an act, playing dungeons and dragons, the cleansing rituals involving incense and candles went nicely with my Ren Faire costumes however.

Coming out atheist was just a matter of not pretending anymore. A matter of growing up.


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