Monday, June 25, 2012

Why I Am An Atheist #15: Jon

Boston Atheists member Jon writes:

I'm a third generation atheist. My mother and her mother were proudly atheist and proudly Jewish (ethnically and culturally). My mother made me go to Sunday school to get a Jewish education but, in response to my complaints, she sat in on a class and was horrified when the teacher answered a question about whether Abraham might have been wrong to agree to whack Isaac with something like, "no, because God said so." That was the last time I went to Sunday School.

When I went to college I learned a little about philosophical skepticism, which led to my rebellious phase in which I became agnostic. Eventually, though, I realized that I believed in the nonexistence of gods as strongly as I believed in the nose on my face, and given my heritage it's hard not to believe in that! I went back to being an atheist when I realized how silly it was to be agnostic about my schnoz.


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