Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why I Am An Atheist #6: Drew

Boston Atheists member Drew writes:

I'm an atheist because as I developed my intellectual understanding of the world, I could not reconcile my religious upbringing with how the world actually worked. Once I found out Santa wasn't real, all the other stories of childhood started falling by the wayside. I didn't mind because even though Santa wasn't real, my parents still went out and got me presents on Christmas day, and I never liked some fat bearded concept more than my own parents anyway. Similarly, I didn't mind realizing God not being real, because the world still worked the way it works. Nothing changes when you stop believing in God--which was to me the ultimate denial of deity. If God's existence is synonymous with its nonexistence...why bother with God?

When I was going to Christian summer camp one year, I was talking to the other kids about the moment they Knew there was a god, their moment of revelation. I thought to myself "Alright, I'll start believing when I Know." To their great credit, the counselors told me I shouldn't seek out what I don't feel, and to wait for anything to find me. The moment never came, and eventually I realized it never would. I stuck by that camp but I never went back to Jesus.

I had it pretty easy I guess.


This post is part of a series, in which members of the Boston secular community explain how they came to the decision to identify as atheists. To read more posts in the series, click here. To submit your own story, email bostonatheists@gmail.com.